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Detection Article.

dognoseIt is often taught to new Police and security K9 handlers “when first entering an area, look for productive areas”.

I have many years on the field and many Narcotics and explosive finds, I have found for novice handlers Looking for productive areas can cause a lot of initial problems, first new handlers want to lead the dog to “where they think it should be”, or repeated “check here”, as the new handler get fixated on a productive area. What is left out of the equation is “time”, productive areas are all dependent on the amount of time the bad guy has in the area. I once pulled my dog off a blank wall that my dog was hupping on. My K9 ran back and never stopped working the wall, that turned out to be a false wall full of drugs.

parkinglotTraining note: Plant periodically at the very beginning of a training problem, this gets the K9 searching independently from the start and avoids running past areas to get to “productive areas”.

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