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Course Details Duration Price
3-Week Police K9 Handlers Training Course   -Dual Purpose Patrol/Narc Detection Course-Single Purpose Narcotic Detection CourseFor Handlers with no Formal Experience 3 WeeksTotal Hours: 120 Please contact us
240 HOUR – Police Patrol K9 Handlers Training Course   For Handlers with no Formal Experience, or those who need to meet requirements for POST Certification. 6 WeeksTotal Hours: 240 Please contact us
160 HOUR – Police Narcotics Detection Dog Handlers Training Course   For Handlers with no Formal Experience 4 WeeksTotal Hours: 160 Please contact us
200 HOUR – Instructor / K9 Trainer Course   For Officers / Supervisors that will oversee and manage the K-9 Unit and be responsible for remedial continuation training, performance, and certifications of Officer/Handler K-9 Unit Teams within their Agency, and/or region. 5 WeeksTotal Hours: 200 Please contact us


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