Our goal is to provide the best Detection dog teams

The best dog team trainers worldwide.

Gandi Bite workOur mission here at New Breed K-9 is to train the most effective Police Security, service dogs and private dogs we possibly can. We vow to work as hard as necessary to afford and meet your demands of security and get prepared to meet the myriad of situations ready to challenge you in the future.
picgrid2New Breed, means we take the best of the old and constant update add and review, as security situations change,  our knowledge is gained thru “Real world detection”, working and setting up K-9 programs in the most dangerous areas of the world. Our teams work and Instruct in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and many others.  Our personnel have military, Police and combat experience with numerous Explosives and Narcotic finds.

Our consulting teams work hard to design a program that fits your current needs, Training is the key, Training your personnel with the best dogs and best training gives them the tools they need to do their job,   A professional well trained team gives the pubic confidence in your facility and creates a great deterrent to those that plan harm.
Picture-374We firmly believed that to be a good dog handler is a talent. Training a good dog without training a good handler is only 50% of the team.  The Keys are quality dog, quality training and quality dog handler. We Import ,Euro dogs for all your needs.

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