Our goal is to provide the best Detection dog teams

The best dog team trainers worldwide.

Protection-dogWe have some of the best detection teams in the world ready for world wide deployment. We offer Top quality detection trained dogs (from Europe) for sale. Currently we have single purpose explosive, Detection Narcotics Detection and bed bug dogs for sale. On request we train Cell phone, gun dogs and special projects dogs. We provide Detection seminars at your site, with programs tailored to your group’s needs…

50-Pounds-of-explosive-2Personnel Protection dog: It has been said “When seconds count between living and dying, the police are only minutes away.”

Please email us when you are seeking the perfect match protection dog for your family. New Breed Takes the best of the Old and adds new research and development raising the K9 bar.

Course Details Duration Price
3-Week Police K9 Handlers Training Course   -Dual Purpose Patrol/Narc Detection Course-Single Purpose Narcotic Detection CourseFor Handlers with no Formal Experience 3 WeeksTotal Hours: 120 Please contact us
240 HOUR – Police Patrol K9 Handlers Training Course   For Handlers with no Formal Experience, or those who need to meet requirements for POST Certification. 6 WeeksTotal Hours: 240 Please contact us
160 HOUR – Police Narcotics Detection Dog Handlers Training Course   For Handlers with no Formal Experience 4 WeeksTotal Hours: 160 Please contact us
200 HOUR – Instructor / K9 Trainer Course   For Officers / Supervisors that will oversee and manage the K-9 Unit and be responsible for remedial continuation training, performance, and certifications of Officer/Handler K-9 Unit Teams within their Agency, and/or region. 5 WeeksTotal Hours: 200 Please contact us


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Currently serving Asia, New England and very soon, North Dallas and Phoenix

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